Favourite websites – Desmos classroom activities!

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One of my favourite maths websites I love to use in my teaching is Desmos.com.

Desmos is a FREE online graphing calculator as well as set classroom activities using the graphing capabilities.

Their about page shows their passion for mathematics:

Desmos wants to help every student learn math and love learning math. But “every student” is a lot of students so we create digital math tools and let the Internet take them to anyone who wants them.

One of the most useful sections of the website is the classroom activities. There are may preprepared activities you can use with your class on any graphing topic you can think of!

Use the search menu on the left to search for an activity or the menu below to see the most popular activities or ‘Bundles’ of activities for each function. I recommend you click ‘create account’ so students can log onto…

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