Won Jo, Strathfield

Kraft Korea cusine

Sydney Tum Tum

We were eager for more Korean food after trying budae jjigae for the first time. Being quite inexperienced when it comes to Korean cuisine, we jumped at the opportunity when our friend, Chaky, invited us to scout Strathfield out for dinner. We ended up at the local favourite Won Jo which, funnily enough, we had visited before for the bibimbap.

IMG_4938 (2).JPG Banchan

Once we had ordered, the banchan (side dishes) came out quickly and were soon devoured by us and promptly refilled upon request. Our favourites were the eomuk-bokkeum (fish cake) and kongnamul-muchim (bean sprouts).

IMG_4945 (2).JPG Kimchi soft tofu stew $14.50

The first dish to come out was the Kimchi Soft Tofu Stew, ordered by my girlfriend. The stew was very satisfying and a perfect serving size for her. The ingredients included generous amounts of soft tofu, zucchini, sour kimchi and onions in a soup that was an explosion of Korean flavours.

IMG_4951 (2).JPG Spicy sausage…

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