32 Reasons 32Wasn’t So Bad

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East Coast Mermaid

I’ve had a lot of things to say about 2016. It wasn’t amazing, but I also can’t say it was horrible.

Like a typical whirlwind year, it had the usual rollercoaster effects. The ups and the downs and those g-force moments that leave you weightless and dizzy in the very best way. 

Yeah. 32 had some pretty epic moments that left me giddy + grinning.

As I sat down to reflect on what the last year of being 32 meant to me, I realized I did what I really do best.

I fell in love. 

With people. Places. Things. Ideas. Passions. Adventures.

And in the tradition of years past, here are 32 things that happened during my 32nd year.

1. Perhaps the best part of 32? Being in love with my best friend.


2. And then, after only three months together, we got our own place.


3. This year I explored Cape Spencer.



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