Destination: Cologne, Germany

Sow the snow

The Finicky Cynic

Hallo! 🙂

The following dayafter getting into Aachen, Germany, I woke up super early to catch a BlaBlaCar ride over to Cologne for a day trip. Considering that the two cities are not very far from each other (an hour away), I thought that I might as well check out another big German city and its Christmas markets (also heard that Cologne’s is one of the biggest out there, so why not?).

Any case, I headed out 6h40, taking the carpool over and arriving at the Cologne main train station around 7h30. Still was dark outside, so I decided to hang out inside of the station, bustling with tourists and people getting to work, until it got lighter to go out and explore.

Around 8h30, I headed out, and upon stepping out of the train station, the Cologne Cathedral loomed right in front of me- it was incredible!I…

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