Parasitic Infections : And 2 Natural & Effective Treatments

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Tapeworm Tapeworm

Parasites: roundworms, heartworms, tapeworms, pinworms, hookworms and threadworms. I am already grossed out! Okay, here’s the deal. We’re homesteaders and livestock get parasites or worms. Chemical dewormers are harsh and have significant side effects such as seizures. I know, what!?! Yes, chemical dewormers are harsh things. The worms must go, so how to do it without poisoning everything in sight? There are highly effective natural deworming treatments.

What is even scarier… Okay… Here it comes! You probably have parasites too! EWWWW! Yes, I agree. If you have had sushi, medium-rare beef, any number of things… you most likely have parasites. On to the treatments which are painless, thank God!

Human Daily Treatment for 14 Days

About 99.9% Effective – But a Contraceptive
500 mg Black Walnut Hulls
475 mg Neem Leaves
1 tbsp Diatomaceous Earth (food grade)


About 85.9% Effective – Safe Before and During Pregnancy
450 mg…

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My friends and family see the problem, but I don’t. I look at the endless empty boxes of takeout, or I clean up after purging, or bandage bleeding wounds, but I see this as normal – I’ve never known anything else. It eludes from the change I desire to have; I’m doing fine on my own, ain’t I?

I hit a solid wall when I try to get a clear understanding of anything, so I stop trying. I am reminded daily of my flaws, reciting them to myself under my breath, hiding the words with…

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