Denmark wages war on food waste

Waste is the real problem of hungry world


You know what’s better than a fresh danish? An old danish on its way to the trash.

According to NPR, the Danes are very into reducing food waste right now. So into it, in fact, that they’ve reduced their food waste by about 25 percent compared to five years ago. Today, the average Dane wastes about 104 pounds of food per year. We in the U.S., for comparison, waste 273 pounds per year on average (USA, USA, USA!).

Part of Denmark’s success comes from Selina Juul, a 35-year-old Russian transplant who decided that targeting consumers, rather than retailers and food processors, would be the easiest way to address the country’s waste problem. Here’s more from NPR:

In 2008, after years of dismay at the amount of food she saw landing in Danish trash cans, Juul started the organization Stop Wasting Food.

Farmers and retailers often get the brunt of the…

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