H&M offers over a million bucks for your recycling ideas

Let get it to be millionaire


As I was buying a pair of pants at H&M not long ago, the cashier ringing me up said, “Oh, I love these. I had a pair last almost three months.”

“Three months?!,” I said like she’d just told me how long I had left to live. “They’re pants. They should last three years.”

“They’re $10,” the cashier responded, and she had a point. Ten dollars is less than the cost of a decent lunch — I wasn’t exactly paying for quality. Regardless, three months turned out to be an optimistic estimate of the lifespan of these H&M pants: By the end of the week, loose change was dropping down my leg from the hole in my pocket. By the end of the month, the button had fallen off and I had to use a safety pin to to hold them up, and by the end of two months, the crotch…

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