Blind Artist George Redhawk Creates Beautiful GIFs

Blind but not for heart

Art exists because life is not enough.

Redhawk George shares his Google+ account that animate GIFs he unearths pictures on canvas. What is surprising in the digital work of this artist is can he achieve all this by being blind. His The World Through My Eyes series is to discover in the future.

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Here, China — let this algorithm tell you how to control your pollution

Let ‘s find out the pollution


For those of you who aren’t constantly plundering the trenches of Meteorology Monthly* for the latest weather models, the general badassery of predicting the evolution of massively complex meteorological and climatic systems can perhaps slip your mind. (I assume.) If so, you’re in luck: Grist is here for you in a way that Meteorology Monthly never will be.** In a move that has artificial-intelligence and machine-learning enthusiasts tapping their keyboards slightly more rambunctiously than baseline, IBM has entered the air-systems prediction space — but not with respect to the weather. Instead, the computing giant has aimed its algorithmic cannons at China’s air quality.

By sampling data from the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau and combining several existing air-quality models, the research group hopes to build a high-resolution model of Beijing’s pollution levels. Advanced statistical techniques mine the troves of data for predictive insights that would otherwise get lost in the smog.

You might be thinking to yourself, OK, ozone cowboy, what…

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Denmark wages war on food waste

Waste is the real problem of hungry world


You know what’s better than a fresh danish? An old danish on its way to the trash.

According to NPR, the Danes are very into reducing food waste right now. So into it, in fact, that they’ve reduced their food waste by about 25 percent compared to five years ago. Today, the average Dane wastes about 104 pounds of food per year. We in the U.S., for comparison, waste 273 pounds per year on average (USA, USA, USA!).

Part of Denmark’s success comes from Selina Juul, a 35-year-old Russian transplant who decided that targeting consumers, rather than retailers and food processors, would be the easiest way to address the country’s waste problem. Here’s more from NPR:

In 2008, after years of dismay at the amount of food she saw landing in Danish trash cans, Juul started the organization Stop Wasting Food.

Farmers and retailers often get the brunt of the…

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Why outsource magento development to Vietnam?

Vietnam the new China of outsourcing world

Chimen, Magento Ecommerce Dev Team, Vietnam - Singapore

In Vietnam, labor costs are 90% less than those in the U.S, which brings significant cost savings for your company. Compare to other outsourcing destinations, Vietnam’s labor costs are attractive. Developer salary in Vietnam is 50% less than in India, and even less than that of countries in Eastern Europe.

Beside, living cost in big cities of Vietnam, like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, is still much lower than in big cities of India, China, Indonesia. All of these make hiring developer in general and hiring Magento developer in Vietnam cost much lower. Another important reason to chooseVietnam as an offshore location is that the young generation of skilled workers is highly motivated and technologically advanced. This dynamic and young generation provides a great pool of skilled software developers required to meet the growing demand of offshore development in general and specifically for Magento development.

Today the country…

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H&M offers over a million bucks for your recycling ideas

Let get it to be millionaire


As I was buying a pair of pants at H&M not long ago, the cashier ringing me up said, “Oh, I love these. I had a pair last almost three months.”

“Three months?!,” I said like she’d just told me how long I had left to live. “They’re pants. They should last three years.”

“They’re $10,” the cashier responded, and she had a point. Ten dollars is less than the cost of a decent lunch — I wasn’t exactly paying for quality. Regardless, three months turned out to be an optimistic estimate of the lifespan of these H&M pants: By the end of the week, loose change was dropping down my leg from the hole in my pocket. By the end of the month, the button had fallen off and I had to use a safety pin to to hold them up, and by the end of two months, the crotch…

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Five Fascinating Facts about Jack Kerouac

Fast and furious writer

Interesting Literature

Interesting facts from the life of Jack Kerouac, author of On the Road

As Jack Kerouac’s classic novel of the Beat Generation, On the Road, was published today in 1957, we thought we’d salute this iconic novel, and its creator, in a post for our ‘five fascinating facts‘ series.

1. Jack Kerouac typed up his novel On the Road on one continuous roll of paper that was 120 feet long. Kerouac called it ‘the scroll’ – a stream of tracing paper that Kerouac had created through taping individual sheets together. Although he wrote the original manuscript quickly, in just three weeks in 1951, Kerouac then spent time revising bits of the text before it was finally published six years later. Kerouac’s friends William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg both appear in the novel, as the characters Old Bull Lee and Carlo Marx respectively. The book became a key…

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Do It The Cheap And Easy Way

Do it at low cost

Cheap Easy Businesses

Don't Re-invent the wheel Read Listen and Learn

When you work on your project, the more you get involved the more your going to love what you do. Get more out of your work then just writing a boring blog or info product. Take charge and ownership of the work you do.


Success Demands Cooperation

Discover the benefits of having the resources and support of an entire community of info marketers on your side. Together, we have the power to do things we used to only dream about, and you can be a part of it tooWe are the leaders of the next generation in information technology advancement. Take the opportunity to see what its like working an environment where your only restriction is what you can imagine making.


Opening Doors

We link open minded people together to form a wide support network with the ultimate goal of spreading our knowlegde to the…

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